Tuesday, December 6

Hand puppet with an old sock

It is amazing how the art of crafting does not really need expensive things, but often things around home to transform something into something more beautiful and lasting.

Bulusu Kamakshi, an avid crafter with a passion for teaching little children has contributed a simple but beautiful photo tutorial this week, of a home-made hand puppet. It is a wonderful project when you want to entertain kids at home, during a party or otherwise. Traditionally India has had a history of puppet making, an art sadly lost in the din of gadgets. But bring out an old sock and convert it into something for a quickie toy, and watch how an old piece of cloth can find a new life.

She has used wool of two colours, a long pink sock, some crafting glue, a pair of scissors, colour paper, white paper and marker pens for the project.

Kamakshi cut the yellow wool into two bundles of roughly 10 centimeters each and fixed them on the stitched end of the sock. She then used two little circles she cut from a white paper for eyes, with white glue.

Using marker pens, she drew out the eyes and fixed a piece of red paper for the lips of the puppet. If you notice, the yellow wool worked as hair for the caricature puppet. Make sure that there is about one and half inches space from the stitched end of the puppet. your hand puppet is ready.

Pics courtesy: Bulusu Kamakshi

Content courtesy: Radhika M B

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