Wednesday, February 13

DIY mini paper garlands

At school, we learnt to make garlands with paper. Kite paper it was called then. I don't know what they call it now, but did manage to find it in the craft store this Christmas season.

The shelf that holds divine knick-knacks in my kitchen could do with some decoration, with strung flowers looking extinct in this part of the globe. Besides, am awaiting my friend's visit soon and her home mandir could look nice too with garlands.

Over to nostalgia's rescue. I put those `kite papers' that get sold as cheaper gift wrapping paper at craft stores and Dollar stores out here, to use.

What I did was not the recycle variety. But can be modified to suit your needs, using recycle paper, or otherwise. For party decor, or simply to do up a corner of your desk.

To me, the yellows, oranges and reds bring back images of marigolds that adorn stalls and pavements during festive season. Reds are for red roses that make up for the more expensive garlands.

You don't need much of craft paraphernalia for this.


Colour papers - assorted

Ruler or scale (optional)

Pencil (optional too)
Needle and thread, a must
Cut the colour papers into strips. Fold-roll each strip and make thin cuts on either side of the strip towards the center, leaving just enough room for a needle and thread to pass.

This is how the strips turn out after all the cutting.

Get the needle and thread ready.

Knot the thread in such a way that you get a loop knot...a loop and a knot that is.
Now, do the running stitch through the center of the strips.


And let the folds collect at the bottom. Twist the folds a little as you go, to even out on all sides.

Use your imagination, and play with the colours. Some doses of green to show as leaves, some yellow...and even blue. And marvel at how the folds become an illusion for strung flowers.

I made them in smaller sizes to fit my shelf. You could get flexible with the width and make door decor too. Or you can string small cut strips to form round flowers, so they work as greeting card embellishments.

Pictures by Radhika M B
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  1. OMG.. They are so pretty and cannot say made from paper. BEAUTIFUL is the only word that comes in mind.
    Love Ash.