Monday, July 28

Ganesha on my coffee mug

Wanna do something on a rainy day? Ran out of ideas?

Grab a permanent marker and try out something on a coffee mug. You'll be surprised how much you can come up with.

Sharpie marker Ganesha on ceramic mug
I must confess that I have never tried that. But my dear friend Ashwini of Indulge Ashscorner blog did. And am yearning to do that sometime soon. In thepicture above, Ashwini has made her favourite abstract design of Lord Ganesha, and needless to say, these mugs were an instant hit with her friends.
Warli with Sharpie marker on coffee mug

Out here in USA, Sharpie is a popular brand of permanent markers. Guess in India, Staedtler and Camlin would do the needful. Am looking forward to feedback from anyone who has tried them on ceramics.

Sharpie marker mug floral design
All you need for this craft, is

1. Plain coloured ceramic mugs

2. Permanent markers (Sharpie, or equivalents)

3. An oven to bake them after making the design

Ashwini has some tips for this project though. 

She suggests, that you use an oil based marker as the regular marker may fad away, or scrubbing to wash may erase the design.

She says:

- a thicker design works better - for better look and holding

- bake it hot in a normal oven, at 400 deg F for 30 minutes

but as she puts it, each oven has its differences.

- hand wash the mugs, skip the dishwasher.

Since Ashwini tried these experiments with a kitchen oven here in US, she does not know how much time an OTG oven in India may take to bake it for instance.

But those who are into terracotta jewellery making could try it out in their ovens and provide feedback.

Easy warli with Sharpie markers on ceramic mug

A couple of other tips I found through googling, throw up the following bits:

- a blogger notes that letting the designed mugs dry for 24 hours before baking helps

- a couple of other blogs have revealed that microwave may not be a good option

so you shall be lucky if you have a normal oven in India.


Pictures courtesy: Ashwini Deshpande

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