Wednesday, May 16

Orange Love

A few weeks back, I bought a craft space organizer box to store my yarn, beads and thread-patches. I love the box though it's plastic. What I did not expect, was the cardboard wrap used to pack it - in attractive orange.

I just did not have the heart to trash it! So I cut it up to start off with some head work.

If not the entire packaging, some of it would certainly be of use.

Glue, a pair of craft scissors and a pair of design scissors, my paper trimmer, paper punch, yarn and beads, decorative stickers from Hallmark and other brands, orange marker, and corner rounder punch - I was ready to go. To make bookmarks.

Bookmark stickers, owls, green, cartoons

For love of the bright orange cardboard, I decided not to stick to a standard size for my bookmarks.
It paid off. After all, why should we box our minds to bookmarks having to be of a certain size and note-cards of another?

So here they are, the easy-to-make re-purposed cardboard pieces that can adorn your books.

Bookmarks with stickers + recycle

These are the minis. In case you cannot read the words on the tortoise bookmark (extreme left), it says - `I love slow food!'

Most of the stickers are bought. Some embellishments are punched shapes from other packaging cardboard.

Recycle bookmarks

Simple bookmarks + stickers + packaging cardboard
The advantage with stickers is that it takes such little time to turn out a bookmark! Instant happiness!

Sticker love + bookmarks + recycle

Even with stickers, you could use your imagination. In the case of the `Don't trash it' bookmark, the circle with `Rethink' below is from ad mail of AT&T mobile. Cozy Life flowers bookmark happened too, with ad mail trash. The little bookmark in the same set (extreme right) is punched circles from Target packing.

Here is how the rears of some of these bookmarks look. Am not so happy about the backsides...but they work anyways.

When you find yourself screaming under cardboard trash from shopping, here is what you could do! Go ahead, grab your scissors and glue. Do share your stuff too.