Tuesday, December 20

Chennille stems wall decor DIY

Whoever thought that pipe cleaner stems made of wire would one day become hot selling raw material for craft work? Chenille stems as they are called, are superb material for a variety of craft projects, simple and sophisticated. This week, am posting a simple photo tutorial for super quick wall decor or decor that you need urgently for a home event.

All you need for this project is:

- a felt sheet
- Chenille stems of colours of your choice
- a pair of scissors
- craft glue
- sequins or embellishments

You need to trim the stems on each end, where the bulgy part stays towards the outer end. I chose stems that had a wavy pattern so I could make flowers with them.

Bend the piece in half over another piece on its center. Do this with about four or five pieces in such a way that the core of the flower is secure enough to be glued.

Apply glue in good quantity on the center of these flowers, and glue them on to the felt sheet of your choice of colour.

Let it dry. Arrange and glue other flowers that you make next, into a pattern on the sheet.
I had some old buttons and a mirror, which I used, to embellish the center of each flower.

You can use this as table decor, or frame it up as wall decor. Or simply stick on your fridge with a double sided tape. Your decor piece is ready.

Photo courtesy: Radhika M B

Content: Radhika M B

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