Monday, September 24

Gift Wrapping got innovative : Part Three Li'l Somethings

When you gift a pair of earrings to a friend, it's always a box - ideally a cutie red one, with that velvet feel, that you fall back on.

What if you don't have a box? The ever-so creative Lalitha Menon shows us how. I have all the reason to name her gift wrapping ideas - Back to Nature!

See on and read on:

We would hardly think two shells from the beach and a bit of banana leaf would do it, wouldn't we? Actually, the leaves in question here are bamboo leaves. Lalitha picked them up from a Goan beach.  And here is how she wrapped them:

A ribbon-bow like fold...and some tape to stick it up. She also used toothpicks to fasten.

She says she used glass-paper to cover the little gift further. Glass paper is paper that has a layer of pulverised glass, according to But it is also another name for sandpaper. 

Satin ribbons - white and violet, finish the touching up.

Here is what she gifted her new friends recently.

The gorgeous looking shiny paper used here is actually re-purposed invitations. And a piece of Kerala dhoti to wrap around. As for what was in the wrap, the picture below shows it, and the beaming faces of her friends tell you her effort did not go in vain.

The gifts are leather wallets in bright colours and lovely designs!

For the next set of gifts, here is the picture.

She did this ensemble for her best friend. The card standing with her words and balloony hearts stuck with ribbons, is actually another re-purposed wedding cards that were discarded.  In the Fabindia brown sachet is a handmade soap bar. She used hand-made paper bought from a mall near her home for the heart-balloons.

To the extreme left in this picture is a teak-leaf wrap tied up in satin ribbon. The gift inside, is a little jar of payasam or sweet porridge that Lalitha made. She wrapped a few white lilies in teak leaves and satin-ribboned them on an end.

The other gifts are glass bangles, and some sandalwood cream from Khadi. I am in no doubt at all, that her best friend loved them all.

Way to go Lalitha, and looking for more from your creative table!

Pictures Courtesy: Lalitha Menon

Copyrights for pictures rest with Lalitha. Permission for use of pictures and content is a must.

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