Tuesday, December 13

Baby Onesie Christmas tree ornament

Perhaps the most convenient of designs in baby clothing during recent decades, is the onesie, that helps secure your baby's diaper with ease, and has come to symbolize all things babies. 

I was delighted recently to see how onesies can become beautiful party decor props for baby showers and gifts. It brings me to the joys of mommy-hood and how crazy mommas can get trying to record their babies' every coo. It's my little one's first Christmas, and I am all excited. What better a way to make it memorable, than make an ornament for a Christmas tree? And with a onesie design at that! I can carry this little piece, the size of a toddler's palm, anywhere.

It's a simple project, albeit, with a lot of patience from your end. Of course, it needs some stitching skills and some materials too.

What you need for the project:

-- a pair of scissors

-- a sheet or two, of felt...it usually comes in the size of an A4 size paper

-- a marker pen (dark colour)

-- some strong decorative thread or twine

-- embroidery skeins and a needle that can poke through felt

-- embellishments such as stickers, sequins, paint pen and the likes

-- some cotton if you need to fluff the ornament up

I used a beige sheet for an understated look. Draw out a onesie on the felt sheet.

Cut it out from the felt sheet.

Use the cut onesie as a stencil, to cut out another from the same felt sheet. You can choose to cut a different coloured one too.

You can at this point either embellish the front side of the onesie, or draw or write on it using a paint pen. I used a white paint pen to write `My first X'mas' . Use the blanket stitch, sometimes also known as the button stitch, to stitch up the sides of the onesies and join them. Where the neck part begins, you may stop stitching up, and insert some cotton into it.

Once you have adjusted the cotton balls inside, knot a 10 centimeters piece of the twine or thick thread on its end, and insert the thread with the knotted end inside the onesie, through the cotton. Adjust it for desired length. Optionally you may glue it in. I chose not to. Once these are secure, stitch up from where you left at the neck part, and finish up the stitches.

Your onesie Christmas ornament is ready. This piece I made is a simple one. You can give it a grand look by doing some embroidery, stitching in your baby's date of birth, name or other details into the piece. Try experimenting. It is a joy.

If you have a friend whose baby is on her first Christmas, this could be a cute handmade gift.

Pictures courtesy: Radhika M B
Content: Radhika MB

For permission to re-use, write to: radicreative@gmail.com

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