Tuesday, November 22

Plastic bangle refurbish

It's a trend these days -silk thread jewellery. After the craze for terracotta and polymer clay jewellery died down, it's been a clamour for the threads. I see umpteen posts on requests for silk thread jewellery and catalogue sales on Facebook shopping groups, again for silk thread jewellery. I understand that fashion is a matter of seasons. It changes before you know it. But it would do so much good if we kept our whims for jewellery types - terracotta, paper-quill, seed-jewellery, and the likes, diversified! Trust me it would go a long way in helping the artists and artisans who put their souls into making beautiful pieces.

I am not a fan of silk. But I love the idea of thread transforming any item into a beautiful work of art. It is why I chose to give a new look to a plastic bangle that I have around home. All that you need to transform it, is some handful of patience with embroidery thread and the bangle.

Here is a speedy method to get your own bracelet or bangle that dazzles as a result, before that party you want to rock at. This could also work well for festival-wear and your little one's school performances when you are left scrambling for those matching accessories that go with the right costumes. Alternatively, gift it to people you love. There's nothing to match that love poured into your effort for gifting.

For this project, you need:

-plastic bangles

-a pair of scissors

-embroidery or silk thread


-sticker bindis of rhinestones

Roll the thread over the bangle such that it falls along in regular lines along each other.

Towards the end, knot the ends and glue it towards the inside so that it does not protrude on the outer side of the bangle. That way, it gets hidden when you wear it will be on your hand-side.

Embellish using the sticker bindis using craft glue.


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