Friday, January 4

Cereal Box Organiser

`Power is back'! For once in life, I the words mean music to my ears. Sandy, the hurricane threw life out of gear for the last two weeks.

But in its own way, it kept me busy with activities other than Facebook and Gmail. It's taken a long time to get past Sandy in my head. It altered a lot of a things at home for long. I am happy still, that there were little things I learnt to appreciate and do, offline. In the first two days after the hurricane and no power at home, I picked up one of the cereal boxes I saved, and made an organiser. Remember the cereal box effort by Ashwini, my friend?

This one is not perfect. Yet, I have managed to put it to good use. My non-prescription medicines, cough drop sachets, they all go into this. I labelled this box `Daily Medicines' and tucked it into my hallway closet that holds household miscellany.

I do not have all the pictures of the step-by-step do, but here are some that may give you an idea.

I used wrapping paper. I love brown wrapping paper, popularly known as `brown sheet' back in India. Since I could not find any at the stores here, had to make do with this one with bright leaves imprints.

I cut the box into a container with user-friendly dimensions. On one side, I let the height remain more, while on the other side I brought the height down.

This is similar to file organisers, or file boxes.

Tips: When you glue, make sure you use just the right amount depending on the thickness of the paper. Here, I misjudged the quantity and so you see those tacky folds on its inside. I did not bother much about it, because it is not visible once you fill it with your stuff anyways.

The cereal box sits now in the middle of my other files, cosmetics and home supplies, happy to hold my medicines:)

Give this a shot with your household cartons too. Thanks Ashwini, for prompting me to do this in your sweet way!

Pictures Courtesy: Radhika M B
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  1. Thanks Radhika. The box looks lovely. I have another one waiting for you to pick up.
    Love Ash.