Friday, January 4

Flowers, fabric and love to gift wrap

Here is another bunch of thoughtful gift wraps from Lalitha Menon.

For those of you following this blog, she is all familiar, using her back-to-nature consciousness and love to wrap gifts for friends and family.

Her latest set of gift wrapping and embellishing here:

Ever thought of tucking in fresh flowers to wrap your gift? Not the roses and carnations variety, but wild flowers that grow randomly in your garden! Try it sometime, and you will like it, for that personal touch.

Here, Lalitha has used a saree border fabric to tie her wrapped gift up and tucked in flowers that add a magic touch to the wrap.

These are the Ixora flowers, or Chethi flowers (Malayalam) that I adore. Wild flowers that found a place in worship and gardens, these flowers became a perfect embellishment for Lalitha's pink paper wrapped birthday gift for a friend. A perfect example of how we can move beyond stickers and ribbons for gift wrapping. In the pictures below, you can see how she has cut motifs from old clothes and stuck them up to embellish her brown sheet wraps.

If you have the store-given wrap replete with its logo and brand names, do not bother, as long as some embellishments can take care of the decor touch.

Thank you Lalitha, for sharing this!

Here is another one she made to mark the season's spirit.

Hope you all had a great Christmas and strode into the new year with happiness.

Pictures courtesy Lalitha Menon
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