Thursday, December 20

DIY Gel Candles for your li'l joys

I love the idea of making my own candles. But have a long long way to learn them. As kids, we did experiment our share of candle making, by melting shop-bought candles into containers of different shapes.

Candle making is a lovely art though. And nothing like making your own exquisite ones at home.

My friend Sarita from Muscat sent me pictures of gel candles that she made. And without doubt, I fell for the lovely set.

Take a look at her effort that gives them that royal feel!

Don't you feel like grabbing them for your centre table?

These carefully made pieces are simple to make, despite looking like some artist worked magic on them by filling them with water and lighting up the wicks

Here is her list of things to make them:

Gel wax (available at craft stores)

Small glasses

Fevicol or Craft glue


a few shells 

liquid colour

and a thick vessel to melt wax

She melted gel wax in the thick vessel on a low flame, till the wax became transparent, and added colour to it.

She then cut a wick each for the glasses and stuck them up firmly to the centre on the glass bottom.

Next step, arranging the shells in the glasses. Makes all the difference, turning a mere candle to a work of art.

And then, it came to pouring the gel wax into glasses slowly, to avoid air bubbles.

``Hold the wicks straight while pouring the wax,'' is her word of caution.

The final step is to leave these candles to set for a while and cut excess wick thread.

Want to try this? You might as well usher in the festive spirit with this DIY.

Pictures courtesy: Ratnala Sarita

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  1. I used to make candles like this. Keeping the wick in between two bamboo skewers also helps and keeps your hands free while handling hot melted wax.
    Love Ash