Thursday, October 18

Precious gifts come by post!

Some gifts are priceless. Not because of their translation into dollars or rupees, but the sheer love and effort that goes into them.

Last week, I waited desperately for a post to arrive. And what a wait it was, flipping open my metal mail box at least twice a day! When the post did arrive, I squealed with joy. My dear friend Ashwini of sent me a cute set of handmade gifts.

You may figure out that the little felt ball on the left in this picture, is a flower. Yes it is. But with a purpose. It is a coat-pin for my black winter coat!

The other two gifts,

 a lovely little soap bar that she made at home! And...

some body lotion, or butter as you would call it.

Ashwini's homemade soaps and lotions are a hit with her friends. I have met her, and let me tell you her skin is perfect, thanks to such lovely work with essential oils, basic home oils such as almond oil, olive oil and the likes from the kitchen shelf, and some soap base from the craft store!

I consider these my birthday gifts, even if she did not know and yet sent them over.

Big hugs to you Ashwini! Am inspired to make my own soaps now!


  1. Awww.. happy birthday dear. I had no clue it was your birthday!! You are an inspiration to me also, with all your bookmrk posts, I rememebred that I did all of this in school too.
    You might soon see me post my repurposing things in my sweet home also.
    Love Ash.

  2. My birthday was a week before that dear. But was glad it came so soon after that. Look forward to the post about your bookmarks:)

  3. I love handmade gifts. They are so close to the heart. Do you have more good things for homemade items?

  4. Not yet Tamplarie, but hope to, soon.