Wednesday, October 24

Creativity: From a Fall Fair

I adore visiting craft fairs. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I got to see one without knowing it was on!

And delights of delights - loads of visual treat in the form of handmade wares among other things I loved!

Here are some pictures of the craft fair that ran as part of the October Fest 2012 at Bear Mountain State Park's walkway.

Isn't the wolf cloth painting lovely? And check out these caps for kids. Owls, Smileys, simple Native American patterns.

These bead pendants and necklaces caught my eye though. Intricate. Painstakingly made. They are part of the collection by Bonnie's Bead Art.

The maker in question was kind enough to pose for a snap.

Her blog talks of beads and embroidery for the work. Lovely designs as a result, bracelets and necklaces!

Other stalls were as interesting too.

I love this European vase from a yard sale kind of stall.

And these miscellaneous home things are as interesting. This wool balls were part of another stall's collection.

 And so were these colourful hangings, giving that homely Native feel.
I love these thread earrings from another stall...specially the ones in the centre, in the shape of butterflies. Colourful bags such as the ones below, that otherwise are a staple with Indian handicraft stores, are a feast for eyes here.

 And here is the stall that looks as gorgeous!
Aren't these dolls made of wool grab-worthy?
 Wanna take home one of these tortoises or birds?

 I love this ode to the woman of the home, and making kitchen the centre space of a home instead of the living room! In the board's centre are the words - Mom's Kitchen and the description around says The Heart of the Home. 

This stall has a vintage feel to it, with quotes and captions galore on Armed forces of UK. Irish style I guess.

I left the fair content about finally making it to a crafts fair in the US. After a whole year that is. And was relieved to find colour, which I thought was the forte of us Indians!

Picture Courtesy: Radhika M B
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  1. I luv stopping over at such fairs/flea markets. You never know what treasures you might see and find.
    Love Ash.