Thursday, October 18

Brown sheet gift wrap

We have all gone past those good old days when we wrapped newspapers over a saree with a jute thread and gave it gladly as a gift. Or dropped some tinies into a brown paper sachet and stapled it. Or so we think.

All-ubiquitous brown sheet! That continues to get wrapped around school notebooks and parcels! It can still make a gorgeous gift wrap, with some embellishments in tow.

That's what Lalitha Menon did recently when she gave her friend a gift.

Here it is. With her love for balloons intact!

Her embellishments here, are design pieces cut out of an old invitation. Some white and blue satin! Notice how the party-feel factor comes through from a super traditional looking window. Another piece of satin goes into making a bookmark with a cute message.

Grab your brown sheets now, and experiment. All you need is glue, scissors, and some satin. Thank you Lalitha.

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  1. Nice idea. If you see around with a curious mind, you can fin many such treasures in your home.
    Love Ash.