Sunday, October 21

Cereal Boxes turn Paper Holders

Have you not looked at your cereal box or other cardboard cartons around home and felt a little pang when you trashed them?

The Net is full of ideas on how to turn cereal boxes into something useful around home. The trouble is, we view such projects as not so upmarket and `jaded' in front of those stylish cases we find in showrooms.

Time we changed our thinking, and put some value to creative use of such waste. Didn't we do these things as kids? Why not continue these into our adult lives?

Ashwini, who sent me the precious homemade soap and lotion gifts, sent me these pictures of cereal boxes that she converted into household paper and coupon mail holders.

Materials that she made use of for this one, include wrapping paper and shelf liner that she glued to the box. The longish height of the box comes in handy for the size of full-scape sheets and files.

She picked up the shelf-liner (the woody paper on the box's top and bottom) from Dollar store.

This is a box of relatively lesser height, that she used to wrap and store coupon mail besides gift bags. She wrapped an extra cereal box of a smaller size to create a partition inside of the box.

This may look temporary, but isn't it cute? And so much better than the plastic dabbas that fills pockets of the plastic-ware industry! You could try one step at a time. Out of 10 boxes around on your shelves, try filling in one or two with these boxes.

Who knows, you may soon try more innovations!

Picture courtesy: Ashwini Deshpande
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  1. Thanks Radhika for featuring me here on your space, Hope your readers like what DIY I am doing at my end.
    Love Ash.