Tuesday, August 21

Sun shines, nay, smiles on my wall

That's what Dipti Nair, a dear colleague of mine, probably thought after she finished a mural in her balcony.

A woman of many hats, Dipti loves Madhubani art, and the Sun God motif, which she says, is predominant in her creative pieces, be it pottery, paintings or cushions. That's why she did not hesitate to do up the balcony of her rented home in Bangalore few years back.

Here is her take on the make-story:
`It took a long time because I procrastrinated. Days and weeks would pass and I would not touch the half finished mural! I started out with painting the border first and for a long time, family and guests thought it was what I painted - a large terracotta red rectangle with a border.

One fine day, I was so disgusted with myself that I finished the entire mural in three days.'

And what a lovely mural it turned out to be!In spite of not knowing how to do Madhubani art!

Naturally, she spent a large part of her reading time in the balcony for years. A bigger tribute was in store later. When she moved from the house, the home owner decided to keep the mural intact.

Doesn't this balcony feel heaven! To add some more creative touch, she repurposed a chopped tree stump with cave painting figures. Here it is:

Dipti used Fevicryl white paint for the mural. She has started painting a similar one in her new home too.

Photo courtesy: Dipti Nair

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