Saturday, August 11

Gift-wrapping just got innovative!

What do you do when you get a gift for someone you cherish? Spend your precious currency buying a shiny gift wrapping paper? Or even more for a gift wrap? Or simply pick up from gift papers that you saved when they came from other gifts?

Lalitha Menon who I am so lucky to know through this blog, uses her heart not just for gifting, but her creative cells for thinking up unique gift wraps too.

Look at the following picture...

They are yummy tender mangoes soaked in brine! Feeling them pieces in your mouth already? What better a gift to give your close one? They are wrapped in butter paper I guess. Instead of placing them in a glass or plastic jar, Lalitha got some coconut husks so readily available where she lives - Kerala, and tied a satin ribbon to hold the bundled mangoes between the coco-peels. The best wishes message was simplistic, on a post-it note, and stuck up on the blessed friend's table.

Lalitha Menon, who is a corporate soft skills trainer, MC and has lived in Mumbai, Africa and now lives in Cochin, says she loves to make her gifts unconventional. ``I love to see smiles on people's faces when they receive these gifts.''

Take a wild guess what the picture below could be all about.

Alright. You do see banana leaves, frangipani and red flowers.

Now this looks more like an exotic towel rolled and wrapped beautifully. It's actually a jar of Payasam, the deliciously sweet porridge, made with love. Such a thoughtful gift would make anyone want to grab that gift, not just foodies or those with a sweet tooth! Besides, not a sheet of paper got lost in wrapping it!

The string-bag above is a Christmas treat. It's a Santa bag made from old fabric, and topped with cotton to give it that snowy Santa effect. And another post-it note for the gifted one.

There is more from Lalitha. But let me save some of her work for another post. Meanwhile, do let your creative head soar with ideas, naturally!