Monday, August 20

Caricaturish bookmarks

I love cartoons, specially the classic Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse kinds. I love cartoons of the daily newspaper too, R K Laxman's Common Man being my favourite.

Drawing cartoons I thought was impossible. Not equipped enough. But a few tries really worked.

Here they are, cartoon expressions that made their way to bookmarks.

All I used was - cardstock or cardpaper that's off-white or cream, a brown Sharpie marker, brown thread with beads, Uniball Vision Elite black gel pen, a hole-punch besides some glue.

Not to forget the corner punch.

Glue two pieces of card paper of the same size and press them under books, or maybe your sofa. A day later, pull them out, draw expressions, give your words and tag the bookmarks after punching. Borders are optional.

Just being able to make the eyes and mouth gives you such a world of possibilities!

These designs look better off the picture than here. The pen work looks thicker.

I loved this Great Idea stamp, but am not so happy with the Happiness bookmark here. The result is tacky. My friend who came visiting loved it though.

If you wish to learn to make expression-faces, google images and try out on your sketch-pad.

Pics: Radhika M B

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