Saturday, August 4

Handmade clock

My maddening move, first perceived as, for India, and after a last minute change, for New Jersey, kept me off blogging for a while.

Am back. For those of you who loved the CD-case made of CDs by my friend Ramakrishna, here is another piece he came up with - a styro-foam wall clock.

While the clock is not a perfect piece of art, there is something homely about it. And speaks volumes of how love for one's child can spur creative projects in a household.

This is tissue paper pasted over the styrofoam board that has been cut to a quadrilateral shape. A clock mechanism was probably pulled out from another worn out clock, and fit in to the center. Digits were done by taking prints on paper from a computer.

This is heartening and looks like a low-cost-best-result piece, because I spent about $ 10 at Michaels for a clock kit. And am still dreaming of making it, sitting in the make-shift home (read Extended Stay America).

Pearl paint was used to give this metallic copper look. Just so you get an idea about its dimensions, take a look at the picture below. It's the wall clock, placed in contrast with the other home-made decor pieces displayed on the other end of the wall.

If you have experimented with creativity on your own, go ahead, send me pictures and a brief description of how you made them, where you sourced materials and how much it cost you. Creativity is all about imperfection and experimenting. Am looking forward to receive info about your projects. Mail me: