Thursday, March 8

What this blog is about

Guess what? I posted a lovely post with a picture of my handmade bookmarks and it vanished when I went about redesigning this blog.

Although I will mention the purpose of this blog on the side bar, here is some forethought. I love going green - really. Which is why I collect paper trash in the hope of turning it into something useful, longer lasting.

In my darkest moments of bad health, I came up with some brilliant handmade bookmarks - most of them from recycled cartons of my medicines, soaps and cosmetics.

When I had no money for decor that spelt luxury at my home as a newly-wed, I rearranged things that came to me as freebies, gifts and scrap, to decorate my home. I did not  forget those ever so useful gift vouchers from friends.

The two exercises were part of my personal journey to see beauty in a different light - adrift from the consumerist notion of things beautiful that we get fed with.

This blog, will be of my efforts at creativity through art and craft, and sometime of others too - learning all along.

While the focus is on cost-effective decor, craft and art, I might end up putting up something really beautiful even if extravagant at times - if I love it. It will include things - paper, indoor, outdoor, DIY things that did not turn out so well too. I mean, what are we if we don't fail? We learn through failures, don't we? It's about stuff I post on the go.

Be prepared for some inspiring stuff from the internet as well:)

I aspire to put up a lot of India inspired material up here.

In case you are unhappy with the pictures, please bear. Am yet to own a good camera. So what I put up for pictures on this blog will be from my mobile camera, or others' cameras. When I do get to own a good one, I hope to put up great quality pictures.

Meanwhile, enjoy your journey with me. Guide me as I move on. I would love feedback.