Monday, March 19

Lacy bookmarks

Wanna get dressy? Remember the time lace-work was in?

When all things floral and thread-y meant class? Embroidery and lace-work invaded our homes - on frocks, curtains, teapot covers, tables! These days, you only need some inclination to patch up your clothes, and the threaded stuff comes ready-made!

During one of those trips to the craft shop at Adyar, I came across sets of thread-patch flowers that one could patch on to dresses - more inclined towards embroidery. I did not quite know how they would fit into my bookmarks, but bought them on instinct.

Here is what came of them.

Lace for bookmark decor

I glued together sheets of craft paper, cut them to sizes, and glued the pale yellow, baby pink, peach, pale brown and baby blue thread-flowers on to them. If you notice the red bookmark in the center, it is a whole piece. You could use parts of it and try playing with colours, as I have here. The butterfly and rose sticker did not quite help. But kids loved it.

Go ahead, have fun. Grab your pair of craft scissors, some satin, and glue.

Keep in mind, that when you glue together craft paper or cardstock, you press it under a pile of books, or place it beneath your couch cushions.

Here is another picture, with my favourite lavender-pink combination.

lace thread patch bookmarks

They're yet to get a satin ribbon or thread to tag along. Bookmarks of this size can be used as gift tags too.