Monday, March 12

Spring usher simple bookmark

Am loving every bit of the warmer sun out here at Delaware. Dry trees around my home have not started flowering yet. But anticipation of green is so heart-warming in itself!

Last week, I had picked up a Martha Stewart set of flower stickers, more on impulse.

They came in handy this weekend when I started out experimenting with the `card-stock'. Back in India, card-stock is called...cardboard. If you get lucky with the right stationery store, you could get lucky with cardboards of varying thickness and colours. I was lucky to have Ananda Stationery at Adyar (Lattice Bridge Road).

The card-stock I picked up here at Michaels, is a lot less thick. Its amazing variety of paper patterns floored me still.

So here they are, two simple bookmarks - one with the Martha Stewart flower stickers, and another, with doll-eyes (again from Michaels).

For the flower bookmark:
You need a paper trimmer and/or a pair of paper scissors, flower stickers, Mod-Podge all purpose craft glue or Fevicol if in India, a ruler (depending on your measurement preferences).

A corner rounding machine would be helpful of you want to give it that professional touch.

Trim the card stock to a strip one-inch wide and six inches long. Peel the flower from the sticker sheet of plastic and glue it to one end of the paper.

Now pick up another flower and use the glue-dot that comes with it (centre-black core) in such a way that it sits against the earlier flower. To avoid wear and tear, add bits of glue between the two flowers and press their rears against each other. You're done.

For the friendly owl bookmark:

Cardstock, craft glue, a marker or sketch-pen as they call in India, a pair of doll-eyes that you could pick up from any craft store.

Sketch out an owl on a one inch and half wide, five inches long piece of cardboard. Make sure you leave the right amount of space for the owl's eyes. Glue the eyes just above the nose.

You can round off the corners for a better look.