Thursday, March 22

Saree border bookmarks

Saree is a sensual costume. Still, it is attributed to conformity. I like the sheer variety of possibilities with saree - with its pleats, pallu, borders, motifs...

Here, I have used the readily available saree borders from the craft store, and cardboard carton that would have found its way to trash otherwise.

All you have to do is, cut the cardboard carton side that fits between two layers of the saree border. Sandpaper the glossy side of the carton and glue the rears of the border roll pieces on to either side of the cardboard.

Home made bookmarks with saree borders

Make sure they align perfect. Now place the bookmark under a pile of books. Just make sure the bookmark does not stick to books in the pile, by placing a plastic sheet between the two.

Saree border recycle bookmarks

Leave it overnight. Next day, punch a hole at one end of the bookmark. This could be messy, with the thread zari not cutting so easily. To ease your trouble, you could pre-punch the cardboard and fabric before sticking up. Use a corner rounder to trim the edges for that professional look.

Insert a satin ribbon or thread and tie up. Your traditional bookmark is ready.

PS: Dark colours work better. With lighter colours, the glue could stain out, messing with the look.