Tuesday, November 15

As real as could get: Clay flowers to decorate your home

Decorating a home is a challenge, with the thousands of choices available in the market. Have you felt crippled when you walk into that megastore only to find you did not get the vases and cloth flowers of your choice?

When my dear friend Sankgetha Sripathy introduced me to the super talented Athiya Nasreen's blog, I had reason to feel astounded. While a whole lot of crafters have been into terracotta and polymer clay jewellery sets in a trillion ways, she has chosen to make polymer clay flowers.

Athiya's runs the Facebook page Maple Mixed Media. Her clay flowers in their vases look straight out of a beautiful Zen garden. She used air dry Thai clay and a bunch of paints. The advantage with air dry clay unlike polymer clay and terracotta is that you do not need to bake it.

Can you actually believe these are not real flowers but made with clay and coloured? And before you get scared of their ornate detailing, Athiya has given a simplified picture tutorial that she published on her blog recently. Here is a big shout out to Athiya for sharing her work with Imprints Handmade.

What you need for the project:

 -- Oil colours in four colours - Crimson red, Golden yellow, Green and Orange

-- Rose flower veiners ( you get them in the market), Rose leaf veiners and Rose flower cutters

-- air dry clay in white

-- craft glue

-- a small foam ball

-- Ball tool, poking tool and frilling tool (they are clay craft tools available in the market)

-- pasta machine and flower vase

-- a fruit tray to help curve rose petals into shape

For a start, Athiya says you need to mix two parts orange and one part yellow colour to get a good blend of golden yellow.

Athiya says the next step is to place this clay between two transparent plastic sheets and flatten it using the pasta machine. After  this, you will need to use a rose petal cutter to cut out petals and use the veiner to create the petal and leaf texture.

Next step, use a fruit tray or any curvy bowl, to give these petals their spherical curve.

You will next need to start pasting the petals around the foam ball on a wire/thin stick.

The petals that you have used the veiner on you may paste for the outer layers.

Use your fingers to give curves and slightly roll the edges of the clay rose. Remember that when you do this, the wire meant for the stalk should stay intact. Give this rose flower a painted finish with shades of orange.

Use the rose leaf cutter and cut out stalk pieces. Roll these on to the stalk.

The next step is to create a separate bud, to give it the real look.

Use the leaf cutter and veiner to make the leaves, and fix them to the wire.

Paint them using shades of brown.

Fix this set to the main rose flower stalk. And add the bud to the set.

Fix a bunch of these flowers and place in a vase. Your super real looking rose flowers are ready. And they stay colourful for a long time. Check out Athiya's blog http://athiya.blogspot.in for more of her tutorials. She has incredible craft items one can learn from.

Pictures Courtesy: Athiya Nasreen

Content, re-used with permission from Athiya.

For permission to re-use from this blog, write to: radicreative@gmail.com

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