Monday, July 18

Bottle caps for a painting palette DIY

Ever tried to pacify a toddler with toys galore? Or paper and paints if the child is creative? Chances are that you ended up paying through your nose to keep the little one engaged for all of half an hour.

It's amazing how you can reinvent household discard-ables to keep your little one occupied before you go anywhere near the trash can.

Fingerpaints, watercolours and the likes are a rage with kids these days. How they love to smudge themselves with colours! As a child, I had such wishes too, that I get a room full of paper and run with paint on my feet, and hands. No reprimanding teachers, no worry about spoiling my uniform.

Teaching the child to stick to pouring paint into a palette is a big task. And you can make your own palette! Show your kid some variety. Use household plastic lids. You don't need scissors. You do not need needles. Nothing.

Just some multi-surface glue or super adhesive, and maybe some sandpaper, besides of course the lids of bottle caps of different sizes.

I used the lid of a box that usually contains dosa batter for this activity. Its diameter is approximately six inches. You can find such plastic boxes in stores that sell packaged curd, batter or other foods.

Scout around home for smaller size lids of various bottles. Wash them all thorough, and get to work.

You need:

- a large lid for the base of the palette

- glue (multi-surface) or super glue

- smaller size bottle caps of an inch or less in diameter

- sanding paper (optional)

- tissue paper (just in case you spill glue)

If you are using multi-surface glue, sand the upper surface of the caps so that the glue sticks. If you use super glue you do not need to do it. Arrange the caps on the large lid to get an idea of, how many may fit on it.

Glue on.

And stick the cap on to the large lid.

Continue this with the other caps.

When you stick, chances are that the glue will overflow. Do not fret.

The palette is ready, not to use, but to dry. My piece took a whole day to set in and dry. You may get luckier. Buoyed by the results on this, I tried this with the measuring caps of cough syrup bottles over one half of a styrofoam or thermocol clamshell container.

Instead of multi-surface glue, I used super glue.

\And let it dry.

It was tricky, thanks to the ridges on the container's base, but I pressed the surfaces hard.

Meanwhile, the former piece dried.

It is ideal for temporary use. And enough to catch a kid's attention for a while.

Pictures courtesy: Radhika M B

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