Tuesday, July 12

Bottle cap 3-D card or kids' art piece

If your kid has itchy fingers, bottle caps from plastic bottles, cans and jugs are must-have collectibles. Keep a stash ready and you are good to go on a lazy afternoon.

From recycled jewelry to toys, they can be used for a variety of items to make.

Here is an example of a 3-D card or an art piece you can get your child to make, and put up on the fridge or a desktop.

Keep bottle caps of at least one and half inches width ready.

You will need

-- Cardstock\

-- some colour paper, ideally construction paper

-- Washi tape stock

-- paint pens

-- sticker bindis

-- a pair of scissors

-- craft glue

Your bottle caps need to be washed and dried before you start. Gauge the colour of your cap, and pick up contrasting and accented colours for cardstock and colour paper. I used yellow polka-dot Washi tape to go with my blue bottle cap.

And cut a small triangle on its edge to make the nose of an owl on this bottle cap. After this, all I needed was two sticker bindis of the same dark colour for the owl eyes.

The next step, was to add a pair of wings to this, and maybe a dash of paint to mark its eyes more.

You can glue this over a greeting card or colour paper. You can also make a bird 3-D card, rather get your child to make it.

Cut a triangle from the red construction paper, of roughly half an inch on the longer sides.

Glue a pair of blue buttons and this beak on to the bottle cap using craft glue. You can optionally add sticker bindis on these buttons for effect.

This is nearly ready. Next step, is to pull out a contrasting piece of card stock from your stash.

And glue the cap on to it. But before that, keep a pair of one inch triangles ready from the red paper. Glue these triangles a little under the cap. For the eyes, you can add a dot with dark coloured paint pen over the sticker bindis, legs, and maybe a strand of hair or two over the bird's head. Write your favourite words.

This you can give as a quickie gift for birthdays of your little one's friends, or stick or pin on a desktop wall.

Think of more crafts with the plastic pieces unfortunately not good for environment.

Pics by : Radhika M B

For permissions, write to radicreative@gmail.com

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