Monday, March 28

Mini paper garlands with magazine page DIY

Often we are hung up about how we decorate our Gods. Some of us like our deities big, some small. Some of us waste resources in worship. The rest of us love  thrift. When I was growing up, I watched how diligently our neighborhood women saved milk packets after use. Some women proceeded to make garlands with such packets. Others cut them to pieces after washing thoroughly to serve snacks.
Here I ha e tried using a magazine page to wrap up a tiny garland project.
What you need  for the home craft:

-gift wrap tissue paper of one or two colors
- magazine pages old
 -a pair of scissors
- ruler and pencil
 -needle and thread
-Beads with large holes
- paper trimmer

Firstly, use the ruler to mark lines three fourth of an inch wide on the colour paper and magazine page.

Use the paper trimmer to cut strips from the sheets.

Now cut through these strips towards the center but leaving enough space to run a needle and thread.

You will notice that the magazine sheet is thicker than the colour paper. Fret not. Do so for the two colors with patience. Next, run a knotted needle and thread into a bead to get it ready for the garland.

Use a running stitch to needle your way through the strip.

After a little length, use your fingers to push the strip down to pile up towards the bead. The strip will be brittle. But continue. After about half an inch, run the needle through red strips that are cut.

Continue till you reach a desired length and knot into another bead.

You can use a piece of bread twist or thick thread to finish it through the end. Use it around home or gift it during festivities.

Picture courtesy: Radhika M B

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