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Gorgeous magazine paper beads pendant DIY

The world of jewellery/jewelry is a multi-billion dollar industry. Gold, silver, platinum, precious stones....they all rule the accessories industry while influencing the economy in their own way.

Yet it is something as simple as used paper that can add zing to your neck. Forget the glitz of gold dug up from the earth's underbelly.

The ever innovating Sankgetha Sripathy of Smudgy Trove is on an experiment mode with paper. Her specialty is terracotta and polymer clay jewellery, that she is a master at. Of late though, she has forayed into recycle experiments with paper.

Here is a quick pendant tutorial by her, with used brochures or thick pages of magazines.

The materials:

-- a pair of scissors
-- cord or jewellery rope
-- embellishments
-- magazine sheets
-- a ruler
-- toothpicks
-- a pen
-- paints of your choice of colours (here she has used antique gold paint)
-- Mod Podge

Firstly, cut the magazine sheet into strips of desired width. She used roughly an inch and half. Make sure there is uniformity in the width.

Next on, pick up one strip and roll it into a bead gently using your fingers and the tooth pick or pen to guide you.

Towards the end, use Mod Podge to stick the edge on to the roll. Make a bunch of such beads, all of the same length. One bead, you may make of half their size. Next, stick these beads together with Mod Podge.

She stuck them all in a row, and fixed the smallest of the lot on one end.

She let this set dry. Sankgetha then used some Mod Podge, to apply over the wavy surface, and let it dry. This is to help the paint stick better to the otherwise smooth surface of the magazine paper.

The next step is to paint the surface using your desired colours. Here is where you can experiment a great deal.

She used the antique gold finish paint. And embellished it.

The pendant is ready. You only need to cord it with jewellery cord and adorn it.

Use a bead for the cord if needed, to string it better.

Here is the finished pendant necklace.

This pendant is useful, as work accessory, as well as for an ethnic do. If you want to keep it funky, do not paint. Simply string it and wear.

It is one of those school projects that you can do with your child, or spend time to make it an innovative conversation starter just ahead of a get-together. It reminds you, that looking good need not be expensive at all. You certainly do not need that yellow metal to charm your way.

Pictures courtesy: Sankgetha Sripathy

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