Thursday, April 4

A heartfelt thank you

Dear angels supporting imprints handmade,

Imprints Handmade is a year and one month old. Wondering why I post this now, a neat month after the anniversary? It's because I know now, that holding on to your dreams helps. Always.

It's because the blog has crossed 10,000 page-views or hits. Something I did not imagine being able to accomplish in such a short time. The blog began as a small step, to share pics of the bookmarks I made at home with household trash. It soon became a platform for me to learn from the lovely work of people who shared my love for craft and creativity. It brought great friends into my life. Thank you friends.

More than the number, it is all the immense love and support of friends and people who I have not even met or known at times, that is overwhelming.

This is a heartfelt thank you to all of you, for helping the blog go places so quick. It also means that we have just begun. raring to touch the moon. Stay with me, write in, share your ideas. I will love you more for the recycle variety of ideas, but share your crafts, and journey with me.

Imprints Handmade seeks to become a beehive of creative ideas. Need your blessings and support more than ever.



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