Sunday, April 14

Gifts I love: DIY photo frames painted

I have mentioned my friend Ashwini in previous posts before. Ashwini runs the food blog Indulge Ashscorner . This time when she came calling, she gave me gifts to cherish.

She had pulled out plain wood photo frames that were unused at her home, painted them in beautiful warli designs, and gifted them to me. For the forever inspiration-seeker and picture collector that I am, these frames were timely and fitting.

Since they were in matte finish though, we decided that they need a gloss layer.

Ashwini gave me these frames a while ago. But they gathered dust on my desk, as I got busy with the arrival of my family from India.

It meant, that they needed to be dusted. I preferred to use a paint-brush.

Warli art photo frame in blue

Are the frames not lovely? I like these figures of women who are working, and going about their lives  with gusto. The next step was to grab the container of Mod-Podge I already had, and the glue brush.

I generously applied a coat of Mod Podge over the frame, its sides, and behind too.

Warli art on photo frame

Using a glue-brush to spread the semi-solid Fevicol like paste makes the glossy finish somewhat textured. Am yet to figure out what technique to use, to get a smooth finish.

Warli art photo frames painted

Once glue-painted, you could use a base to hold the glass or plastic photo cover just enough, without touching the freshly Mod-Podged frame. You may give an extra coat of Mod Podge as an option. Otherwise, just let it be.

And so here they are, all ready to hold three of my many pictures.

Warli art photo frames hand painted

As for the pictures to use in these frames, I picked up those of my grandma and late grandpa. The third one, is a picture of a young girl with no limbs, using her mouth to hold a brush, and ...paint a picture. The picture has been doing its rounds on Facebook. But I preferred to get a print and use it on my desk. For inspiration. Everyday.

You could try this warli and Mod Podge bit on cardboard frames too. .

Photo frames painted by Ashwini Deshpande

Pictures courtesy: Radhika M B

Note: all pictures are watermarked. you need my permission to re-use them

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