Friday, March 29

A paper-clip for my book

Am always amazed at how the ubiquitous paper-clip can become an ornament to adorn the book you are reading. I love books. And bookmarks. And the fascination that an unfinished book holds.

The moment when you are forced to shut a page, setting you off on an a whirlwind of imagination, of how the story unfolds further and what happens to those characters...ever felt sleepless after leaving a book half-read and agonized about it? Making bookmarks and fixing them there, makes that agony less painful.

The web is full of lovely tutorials and images, of paper-clip bookmarks. Needless to say, I have been inspired to make some for myself. All you need, is some imagination. The ones I have made and fixed pictures of below, are simple ones.

For the paper-clip bookmarks, simple as they may seem to make, I used:

paper clips

cloth flower embellishments from dollar stores

needle and thread

some tissue paper type gift wrap, or Kite paper

scissors and Mod Podge (you may use glue too)

Satin roses with leaves

This set of cloth flowers, roses at that, costs about a dollar per packet, and a little under its equivalent rupee price in India. You may get these, with the leaf embellishments, or without them.

The next step, is to knot up your needle and thread, preferably in colours that match the cloth flowers, and stitch up the back side of your paper clips.

paper clip bookmarks

After this, cut out a circle or oval from a tissue paper wrap to match the flowers. Alternatively, you may use stickers that are in the shape of circles.

paper-clip bookmarks

Let them dry a while, and the paper-clip bookmarks are ready! Paper-clip bookmarks come in a huge variety - with buttons, paper flowers, and a whole lot of other embellishments. I made a bunch of them that may end up as li'l gifts.

paper-clip bookmarks

I toyed with the option of using a satin ribbon on each bookmark to give the gift-wrap feel. But abandoned it in favour of this no-fuss look. You could try this with other cloth flowers too, or make flowers of your own with satin, and try.

If you have plenty of books and want bookmarks that are handy to keep in your clutch purse or wallet while travelling, these are an ideal bet.

They could be used just as they are meant to originally too - as paper-clips to hold your documents! With a dash of d├ęcor that is.

Pictures courtesy: Radhika M B

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