Thursday, March 28

Pom-pom delights: Window decor

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of thread and colour to liven up a space.

My friend Hema who has gotten busy setting up her new home, gave a whole new look to her kitchen window.

All she used, was


pom-poms and plastic beads,

tacs (wall pins) to fix the piece

and three or four chenille stems for the base

Pom-Pom window decor

That's the morning sun shining bright into her kitchen.

pom pom hangings

I love the simplicity of this project, besides its neatness. The choice of colours is unapologetic, in bright hues. Hema has used a pom pom and three plastic beads, given some gap in the thread, and used the next set of pom pom and beads.

pom pom curtain for window

And here is the base of the curtain, fixed on the top end of the window. ``I have combined three or four chenille stems for the base,'' says Hema.

pom pom curtains chenille stems base

The whole project costs just a few dollars. She picked up all her material from a dollar store. Frugality has its benefits.

What a way to usher spring in! Try it for yourself, or improvise, and write in through your comments if you have similar ideas.

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