Tuesday, January 3

Tassel garlands party decor with newsprint: DIY

Have you ever fretted about having to host a party and the huge costs involved not just in procuring the food, but decor as well? Did you know that for an informal do, you do not have to spend much and yet you can come up with some zingy decorations?

It's a grand new year, despite the challenges that the previous months posed. It's also past the festive season, when wrapping gifts was a must. I decided to put to use some gift-wrap tissue paper or kite paper as it is popularly known in India (it's widely used to make paper kites), and some tabloid sized community newspapers that arrived at the doorstep. Using coupon mail is also an option. The result of a super quick half an hour, was tassel garlands, that I used pink gift wrap tissue paper for along with the newsprint.

You will need:

-- a few sheets of tabloid sized newspaper

-- a pair of scissors

-- some thick decorative twine, or thread...I used a piece of thin but sturdy clothesline (choose length according to the number of tassels you plan to make)

-- if you use clothesline, keep a pair of cutting pliers handy

-- a ruler is optional

-- gift wrap tissue paper or kite paper (preferably used pieces, but new if need be)

I started by folding the tabloid size newspaper's sheet (half the whole sheet), vertically. And folded it in half again.

The next step was to cut from the open ended edges towards the fold. The height of the folded part of the sheet, is roughly six inches. When you reach closer to the fold with scissors, leave about an inch and a half or two.

After this, spread the sheet out and roll it into a tube (a rough one), in its center.You can twist and fold.

And then bend into half. Keep aside.

Since I used newsprint, I decided to alternate the tassels with a rich pink. So, cut and fold the pink paper to get a height of six inches for the tassels.

Repeat what you did with the newsprint. Cut slits that is.

Twist and roll at the center.

Bring out the twine or yarn or clothesline, and twist these tassels on to the line in such a way that they stay secure. If need be, knead and press the twisted parts with your hand. Tie this up between windows, fix on a wall, or let it hang on a door. You can rest easy that your party will have its share of colour, and that the newspapers took a little more time to go into the trash can.
Try sticking to recycle decor as much as possible.

Pictures and Content Courtesy: Radhika M B
For permissions, write to: radicreative@gmail.comj

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