Tuesday, September 6

Tissue roll cardboard napkin holders DIY

Have you ever spent more than you wanted to on party decor and regretted it? The trouble with such decor items is their horribly temporary nature. After the show they losectheir charm unless you reuse them in some way. If you are a recycler at heart, go for decor that will not hit your pocket.  Go for something that will last.
In the past few years I have gotten into a habit I want to wean myself out...using kitchen tissue rolls.  If you are not in the habit of tearing out those tissue sheets by the half hour during your kitchen work, stay that way.
Left over tissue roll cardboard for those of you who use, can  contribute to a variety of crafts. Go grab your pair of scissors and a glue gun.

I made napkin rings in three different patterns so you can get a glimpse of how such rolls work.

You will need:

- kitchen or toilet tissue roll

- a pair of scissors

- hot glue gun

- saree border rolls that that you
Get in craft stores

- loads of cloth flowers ... about 15 of them maybe

- A piece of felt sheet

- decorative rope in golden colour or other metallic colours

- a pen for marking

Beein by cucutting a piece off the tissue roll cardboard. You can use a pen To mark out the length of the tissue roll piece. Use the hot glue gun and start applying glue to the tissue roll piece.

Quickly fix the Saree border on to the glued roll along the piece, or horizontally.

Once the roll reaches its glued beginning, apply more glue and join the ends, crease them. Cut off the border and adjust the glued ends to stick well.

Do this with as many pieces as the tissue roll cardboard will allow you. The napkin rings are ready to impress on your party table top.

Or, take another piece, grab a thick decorative rope...thick enough to hold a gift bag made of paper, but not the heavy duty twine variety. Roll the rope from outside the tube to inside, and bring it back out. Do this till you have covered the span of the tube piece.

Glue the ends inside the tube. And once it gets dry, fix a cloth flower to decorate. For the next style, all you need is to glue the flowers on to the outer surface of the tube.

Your hot glue gun comes in handy.

Similarly, use a felt piece by gluing it to a tube piece and embellish on its joint with cloth flowers.

Make a bunch of these pieces and gift them away this festive season. Feel content you gave new life to a piece of cardboard. But don't head to a store to buy a tissue roll for the project. Resist that temptation.

Picture courtesy:  Radhika M B

For permissions, write to radicreative@gmail.com

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