Tuesday, September 20

Felt bookmark fridge magnet DIY

That every book should have a bookmark, has been my motto when I make bookmarks. Often friends ask me if there is any use for handmade bookmarks in a world geared towards e-books. I say, while e-books offer convenience, nothing beats the smell of a book with its yellowing paper, rustle and love. I own e-books too. But I can sleep better with real books, stocked up around me all day. And every book must have a bookmark.

This week, I tried to make a bookmark I did not have to stash away somewhere safe only to forget and bring down my house in the search for it.

I made a fridge magnet. I made a bookmark. Not really. I made a bookmark magnet.

This project is addictive for those who like working with needle and threads. You need some felt sheets in two colours or more.

- a pair of scissors

- marking pen or pencil

- a ruler

- hot glue gun with glue stick or super glue or multi-surface craft glue

- embroidery skeins of a few colours, either contrasting or complimenting the felt sheets

- a needle

- a thin strip of cardboard

- magnetic strip about four inches long or more

Mark out about six inches by one inch and half inch on a felt sheet. I chose red for the base. I preferred to mark a line using the cardboard cover of my new stitching kit.

Cut the strip out using a pair of scissors. Cut another strip of identical dimensions.

You can at this point gauge the amount of felt you need to stretch out from the thin cardboard piece. You may choose other durable materials too to reinforce the felt pieces bookmark, such as old plastic file pieces, or thicker cardboard.

I used my ring to trace out circles of one inch diameter and cut them from another felt sheet. And these circles I placed in either half of the rectangular piece and stitched on to the red felt piece, using Button stitch.

I also picked up a yellow skein and filled up the centres of these circles.

After this, it turned out to resemble a flower, prompting me to add petals with the thread.

You can repeat this design on the other circle. The next step is to insert the cardboard strip between the rear side of this strip and the second strip. Use button stitch with yellow thread to stitch them together.

Take care not to let knots show when you stitch. It is possible to start stitching with not much knotting. Finish off and cut the thread. If there are hanging ends, you can glue them back into the felt sheet. Worry not.

Bring out your magnet strip. It must not protrude over the bookmark. Get the hot glue gun ready by plugging it, or if you use a multi surface glue, bring it on.

Peel the magnet from its self adhesive tape.
Apply glue with the hot glue gun or super glue.

Quickly press the magnet over this glue.
Crease over it for it to stick better.

Let this dry for a few minutes. Or maybe half an hour.

Your bookmark magnet is ready.

You can use this, or make a few for return gifts during a party. Or gift it to that special book-lover friend of yours.

Pics by Radhika M B

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