Monday, August 22

Super quick newspaper festoon DIY

Parties may be events to mark a celebration. But they are stressful for hosts who must organize everything.. from food to entertainment, and decorate with elan. Post-patty days make you feel guilty about having wasted precious bucks on party decor.

Interestingly, newspaper and newsprint that get re-used for wrapping, wiping, gift covers and even as handfans, can be used for party decor. Guests may even thank you for doing something positive.

Should your child's birthday be around the corner, you can get your little one to use crayons and markers with abandon, and use that to decorate.

Go grab that pair of scissors and get to work.

You just need:

- a few sheets of newspaper

- a pair of scissors

- marker pens or crayons of different colours to decorate

- needle and thread ( let thread match marker colours or newsprint colour)

- optional is a pencil

Arrange a few layers of the newspaper one over another.

Draw out a shape or picture of an object to match your party theme. If it is your kid's birthday party you can get her to draw her favourites. Use a pencil or a marker. But make sure the colour does not bleed on the paper.

If it bleeds, switch to crayons or pastels, or paint pens.

Get the pair of scissors out. If you do this project with young kids, exercise caution when using scissors. It would be safer for you to do the cutting.

Cut the layers using the top drawing as a stencil.
Bring out your markers or sketch pens, or paint pens, draw along the cut outline to define the shape. I cut flowers, so I drew along the outline of petals.

I preferred a single colour. You may choose colours based on your party's theme.

To avoid staining surfaces, you may use the newspaper sheets beneath when you outline.

These paper flowers can be useful for a variety of projects. Here I stuck to using them as bunting though.

For the next step, bring out your needle and thread, get it the thread through its eye and knot it.

After this, stitch a running stitch from one end of a flower's petals, and put in a stitch or two more through the other end or petal.

Pick another flower and use the stitch again. Repeat this with as many flowers as you please and have.

When you wish to stop at a particular length, knot your thread up in the end.

Hang this like festoons, or as garlands from a table or ceiling. Or, place them on tables. Once the party is over, you have less guilt to deal with.
You can pin it to end tables or as backdrop for as theme.

Or simply do this whole thing to keep your kid occupied on a Sunday.

Picture courtesy: Radhika M B

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