Tuesday, August 16

Mini burlap table runner or party bunting diy

Jute or burlap as a material has acquired revved up popularity in recent years, from being a poor man's protective gear, to evoking positive branding about environmental consciousness.

In the crafting world full of paper quilling, scrap booking, jewellery making and the likes, it has not acquired the sort of place wool, paper and cotton fabrics have managed.

You can make simple but sophisticated party decor such as mini table runners or drapes using fine quality jute strips.

I was fortunate to get a roll of burlap, fine in finish and worthy of decor.

Knot four strands of the beige thread after insert into the tapestry needle, and poke through the center of the jute strip. You do not have to be accurate. Approximate measure would do.

 Pull out a flower from your bunch. My set were stuck on to a cardboard, to prevent the flowers from falling apart.

This needle that you just ran through the burlap, for about half an inch, you will need to insert it through the bottom side of the fabric roses. This part is an effort.


Stitch this rose to the fabric in a way that it sits on the fabric surface, and run a few more running stitches in the center - maybe five, that are about less than half inch long each.

After the five stitches, it is time to pick another rose and stitch it to the fabric.

It is an effortless stretch.


Sometimes you may have to poke your needle through the gapes between the `petals' of the rose effected by the twists of the ribbon they are made from. Make sure you can hide the thread a little.

Towards the end of your desired length of the fabric decor, run the needle back into the fabric, in reverse direction. And your runner is ready.

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