Tuesday, May 3

Tiny bookmarks with ice-cream spoons for your kid: How to

It's that time of the year when you want to run from the sun, when the mere thought of a chilled drink is refreshing, when ice-cream is a welcome treat.

We know of the umpteen crafts we can make with ice-cream sticks, the choco-bar and candy-stick variety. When it comes to those wooden and plastic spoons, ideas dry up. That is partly because we feel them limiting aesthetically. If you think a little out of the box, you will fall in love with the shape and versatile feel of those little pieces.

It's true the longer rectangular flat sticks feel universal. No harm in trying something with spoons that must end up in trash.

Here is a project that will keep your toddler occupied on a non-summer camp day, or a non-soccer day.

My little neighbour leaves me with a bunch of souvenirs during her visits home - stickers that she loves to fix on paper. Watching her do it with focus and earnestness is something I love.

And so the `used' stickers came in handy.

At times I am tempted to simply frame these for decor's sake.

Other things I used for the quickie project that you can sit with your little one and do:

- Craft glue

- Washi tape

- a pair of scissors

- paint pen or paint marker

- not to forget, used ice-cream spoons.

Make sure to thoroughly wash the used spoons, in a bowl of hot water. Wipe them clean before you start.

I wanted to try two different styles. For the first, I simply used the paint pen, which one must shake and depress the tip of the marker before it becomes good to use.

Apply the paint pen in strokes, on an ice-cream spoon.

Watch your hands while using. Make sure to wash off the paint immediately if it sticks to hands. Keep a clean rag cloth handy.

Use the marker on the main surface, let dry, and then on the other side. After the two sides dry, hold the spoon between your fingers and paint on the edges.

I let this dry and picked out the stickers, trying them to see if they fit the size of these spoons. The butterfly 3-D stickers fit the best.

So I pulled one out. It had a self-adhesive tape on its rear.

To prep another ice cream stick for this, I stuck the Washi tape on its surface.

I let it be, and used craft glue on the self adhesive tape used surface of the butterfly sticker, and fixed it on the tip of the spoon that you dig into the cup.

For the red painted surface, the 3-D sticker of a cat fit. Make sure to press the glued surfaces hard so the glue sticks. Allow time for the sticking.

I brought out the paint pen again and doodled on a third spoon, with another sticker.

And so the glued and painted spoons with stickers got ready.

You will notice that once they go under the pages of a book, their shape does not become a hindrance in any way. Do this as an afternoon project with your kid. If there are no kids, you can always make these - a few of them, tuck in your purse and give away when you meet them - any day better than giving them chocolates.

Alternatively, keep them on the desktop for some colour. You can fish out an old jewelry box that fits these in and tie up with a satin ribbon to make it a good gift.

Pictures and content: Radhika M B

For permission to re-use, write to: radicreative@gmail.com

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