Tuesday, May 10

Barrette clip and key chain charm with plastic bottle

Ever wondered what to do with a barrette hair clip whose decor element has fallen off? At times we wish that companies that made such fragile pieces learnt a lesson or two from vintage accessory makers. 
I bought a bunch of barrette clips and I have a few at home that look like boats lost in the sea. 
A large soda bottle that we bought recently for a family do got me started. I had a key chain, with its charm broken.
So the bottle worked for a two in one project. This one must be done in the absence of kids. At best, you can do this with a teenager.
Among the materials you need is of course a plastic soda bottle.

The other things you need:

-- tacky glue
-- paint pen
-- barrette clip - a piece with decor that has fallen off, or a bare new one
-- key chain with no charm
-- multi-surface glue
-- a pair of scissors
-- a craft stick 
-- sequins to embellish
-- small hole punch
-- jewellery plier
Wash the bottle thoroughly and dry before you begin.
You need to use a plastic cutting shear for the project. Using a pair of scissors that you have set aside for cloth or paper would affect the sharpness of the tool.
Cut part of the bottle.

You will notice the curve on this bottle that may vary from the bare clip's curve. A larger sized bottle is a better option than a smaller sized one, to help set over the barrette clip's arch. Cut a smaller piece from the bottle. But before that, measure the barrette clip against the bottle.


Cut a piece from the bottle to hold the clip in between, with a half inch space between the edge of the piece and the clip.


Optionally you may light-swipe the edges over a lit tea-light to give them a finished feel.Glue the clip to the piece with multi-surface glue and press hard.


If the difference in the arch of the bottle piece and clip is a problem, place a heavy object over the barrette clip. Leave it aside for at least half an hour so the glue sets and dries.


I meanwhile picked up another piece that I cut off from the bottle's chassis. And ran its edges over a tea-light.

The next bit, was to punch a hole in the piece that roughly resembles a water drop.


I then fixed a large jump ring to this hole, and connected it to the key chain using a jewellery plier.

Repurpose your large plastic drink bottle + key chain DIY

Before fixing it though, I doodled with my gold colour paint pen. The key chain with its charm is ready for use.

Plastic bottle upcycle, recycle, repurpose, re-use

The barrette clip with the bottle piece almost dried.

You will need some sequins to embellish the piece using tacky glue. The picture here shows it yet to dry. It could take a whole day or two to completely dry.

DIY Barrette clip from soda bottle

The pieces I made can go with dresses in white, off-white, golden or mustard colours, greens and yellows. I set aside the bottle's mouth for use on plastic sachets later. 

For now I dream of making use of every bit o the plastic. The bottom half I hope to use as a pen stand soon.

This project needs some patience. But hey, the plastic bottle did not go into trash. The other half of the plastic bottle I have preserved for making another item. Am currently Pin-storming on Pinterest. Yeah, Pinterest can make you addictive:)

Pictures courtesy: Radhika MB

For permission o re-use pictures or content, write to radicreative@gmail.com

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