Friday, December 4

Soda can pull tab earrings

Forgive me for another post on earrings. It feels like I am a fan of making those quickies. When raw material comes in the form of everyday items of use, why not?

It's a hard fact that aerated drinks are not healthy. What do you do when you buy them up for a party? An ethical way to discard them is by rinsing them, drying them, and carting them to recyclers. If your apartment community or neighbourhood has a recycling programme, nothing like it.

Soda cans can also be used to make classy decor if you have the right training. The easiest thing of course, is to make earrings from their pull-tabs. Just make sure you pull them out before the drink can goes into your recycle bin.

Things you need to make these earrings

-- a sheet of mini 3-D stickers that can fit into the pull tabs for embellishing
  or buttons

-- jump rings

-- jewellery/jewelry pliers

-- earring fish hooks

-- a mini-hammer or a pestle from your kitchen

-- some craft glue or super glue

-- the main item is of course soda can pull tabs

Firstly, use your pestle or hammer to gently flatten the poky edges on the rear of those pull-tabs.

And embellish the hollows with available stickers. Make sure they fit into the hollows rather than jut out. I used 3-D button stickers from my stash. You can use buttons. They are a perfect size too.

Add some craft glue to the rear of these tabs where the stickers got fixed.

Let them dry.

Fix jump-rings on the end of the pull-tabs.

Fix earrings fish hooks.

Your soda can pull-tab earrings are ready.

Funky are they not? Try your own embellishments and experiment. Parts such as these are available in plenty around us. Run your head and unleash your creativity.

Photo courtesy: Radhika MB

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