Saturday, December 12

Paper clip bookmarks with wooden beads: how to make

Often we wrack our brains when we must leave a book in the middle of reading it, and such frantic for a piece of cardboard or any flat thing the hand can feel.

True the world has moved ahead with technology trophies called e-books. We still need those good old books and bookmarks that go with them. Those ubiquitous paper clips are a great way to reach that page without spending a fortune on store bought bookmarks.

Plenty of methods exist to put those little stationery preciouses to use. I tried the really quick method that took barely a few minutes.

It was more of an experiment with materials really.  On my last trip to India I had picked up some wooden beads in the shape of butterflies. Such lovelies...but I could not bring myself to make earrings with them much. When I set out to make bookmarks with paper clips this time, I simply gathered different materials from my stash of craft materials to see what would work.

So here they are, things I gathered.

-- 3-D stickers
-- big button
-- Super Glue
-- a pair of scissors
-- big sized paper clips

Here, I have added a bit of super glue to the wooden butterfly bead and let the paper clip rest on the large button to set it thoroughly.

It takes a while to dry.

I tried it with a set of 3-D baby stickers too. But have not been happy with the result. It is because gluing the already sticky surface behind a 3-D sticker to the smooth surface of the paper clip was tricky.

There is a tendency for the surfaces to slip off.

The wooden surface on the contrary works well because of its unevenness.  Let the glued clips dry for an hour or two.

Your bookmarks, or fancied up clips are ready for use.

I have used them here to hold together, my stock of cut postal envelopes which I will use for crafts soon.

Optionally you may add a lace flower or paper to the rear of these butterfly clips. Enjoy using them, or make about 10 of them, tuck them into an old jewelry box and gift them to a friend.

Pictures courtesy: Radhika M B

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