Friday, November 13

Quickie plastic bottle caps Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe, is the easiest doodle game one can think of when bored. All you need is a pen and paper. Four lines to form nine boxes. Circles and cross-marks. And you can go on endlessly.

As kids, we used tamarind seeds. We sanded out one side of the seed over rough cement stairs to show its beige inner layer - three to be precise, and let the other three seeds stay whole. Lemon sized granite stones heaped along street construction sites were equally handy for the game. That was then.

You can add a colourful twist to the game and keep its casual flavour and portable essence. Use bottle caps that you would throw away otherwise. Just make sure you have three each of two different colours. Else, you can simply embellish them into such colours.

The supplies for this project are simple, and available around the household usually. It's a perfect one to keep your child engaged on a rainy day. Make it, and play away.

You need:

-- a pair of scissors (paper trimmer is optional in addition to this)
-- cardstock or thick cardboard of the colour of your choice, or any cardboard from diwali gifts
-- decorative tape or duct tape, about half inch thick
-- stickers to embellish which is optional
-- six plastic bottle caps...use your discretion while choosing their size and that of your cardboard's
-- a ruler and pencil to cut the cardboard into a square

Before you get started with any of the steps, make sure to wash the bottle caps and dry them out for a while.

Firstly, use the ruler and a pair of scissors to mark your cardpaper into a square and cut. My favourite for cutting paper is a paper trimmer.
You do not need it for this project. If you have one, use it by all means.

Next step: Roughly mark out the square piece, and fix the tape spanning it at one third the width. To keep it neat, it's alright to let the tape spill over to the other side.

Gauge the left over space adjoining this tape, and run it again at the two thirds marked area. Note that the dimensions need not be accurate to the point. You need an approximate division.
Now, use the same method and run another piece of the tap across these two lines at one third and two third divisions of the cardboard.

Next on, you could embellish your bottle caps. I chose to embellish the green bottle caps with stickers, as the print on them looked tacky.  The game is ready to use.

If you are a pro at using decorative tape, you can make it a reversible sheet with the tape running on both the sides.

The piece I made is 8 and half inches wide. The tape with less than an inch came in handy. This size is perfect to get tucked into your office folder. The caps, you can tuck into a string gift bag and carry in your purse. Or simple drop them into the laptop bag. And the game is ready to go to work.

It's a game your kid can take for a school picnic too. Make sure you smooth out any sharp edges on the cap. If it's a project you do with your child, watch over the child's use of scissors.

Pictures Courtesy: Radhika M B
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