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DIY styrofoam cup pin cushion safe: How to

Styrofoam containers and plates are a bane. Unavoidable at times, disgusting otherwise all the same. These days I prefer eating out a great deal. But these containers which we must pack our leftovers in only scare me. All the same, how to dispose them off is a bigger question.

One option: do not dispose them off. Re-use them, but just do not re-use them to store food.

I decided to give the containers we got home last week, a dual use.

A styrofoam container that can hold pins and toothpicks, and hide away some precious things I do not want lying around. You could try out this at home with broken plastic cups too.

I admit the decor is not all that great. But the good part is, I can use the same cushion in a different container of the same size.

1. Things you need for this project:

-- cotton balls or cotton batting

-- Styrofoam or thermocol food container or cup (don't go scurrying to buy one..wait till you get one)

-- Felt sheet (one or two depending on your choice of colour - I ended up using a whole sheet of mustard yellow and a strip of deep red)

-- Saree border (one and half inches width) to embellish

-- some thread, the embroidery variety and needle

-- a pair of scissors

-- some pins to stick on the cushion when it gets done

-- embellishments such as stickers are optional

-- keep some sand paper handy too

-- also,
you need craft glue - multipurpose

2. The how to of it, 

Fold the felt sheet into four. And cut it to make it a round...I ended up with an oval shape. But circles are better.

Spread this out.

3. Keep a knotted thread in the needle ready for stitching. Fill cotton balls or batting into the centre of this shape, and cup the felt sheet around it to cover it up as much as possible. Remember you will need to hold this in one hand, and pick up.

Now, pleat the felt where its edges converge, similar to how you would pleat a saree.

4. Stitch through the pleats.

Leave enough gap for a finger to dig in so you can adjust the shape of this cushion in such a way, that it fits into the container. If you wish, you may tuck in another piece of felt into the gaping hole. I decided otherwise.

5. Use sand-paper to sand the side of this cup to embellish.

Recycle + upcycle styrofoam container + jewellery stash + earrings safe

How to make jewelry safe with pin cushion + DIY

6. Glue the saree border over slowly on this sanded surface. Remember that this can be tricky as the strip does not fit into the conical shape of the container. Either pleat it to stick better, or cut a little at intervals, from the lower edge.

Make a pin cushion safe for your jewelry + recycle styrofoam container

You can glue up the top end of the cup with an extra piece of felt.  

7. Hide away your little pieces of jewelry, keys, or simply a secret note. And tuck the cushion on it.

The pin cushion safe is ready. 

how to make pin cushion and hideaway safe with thermocol cup

Reuse styrofoam cups to make pin cushion and safe

If you do not want to use this as a hide-away for your items, you can go ahead and glue the cushion to the container's base inside.

Tips: My piece is not perfect. An option would be to embellish with stickers, as the smooth surface of the styrofoam can prove a challenge

Make sure you have enough cotton to fill. You can alternatively use tailoring waste, rolled up plarn (plastic yarn), or crumpled paper to add to the stuffing.

Do not aspire to make the most perfect piece for a start. You need something functional. Better pieces turn out with practice.

Good luck with your little project.

Pictures Courtesy: Radhika M B

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