Friday, February 22


Imprints just found a mention and space in Indulge Ashscorner blog of Ashwini Deshpande.

Ashwini is running an event on her blog, about recycling household trashables. Need I say more about Imprints Handmade and the wonderful people who contribute ideas!

For now, Indulge picked up a few of my projects for the blog event.

Here is the link:

Save the Earth - Indulge Ashscorner

Ashwini, a working mom of two, finds time in the middle of all her chaos for her everyday dishes that she makes and innovates too, at Indulge. Her blog is in its fifth year now. She occasionally crafts too.

Some of the craft posts I loved from Indulge Ashscorner are linked here:

Homemade goatmilk soap that I hope to make sometime soon

DIY with pista shells and cardboard

Felt flower pins that she made and gifted to me too - an easy craft that I shall post in Imprints Handmade soon.

Thank you, all of you who helped nurture Imprints Handmade. Meanwhile, take a look at earlier posts and get started on your own projects. 

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  1. Awww Thanks a lot for helping in the event and this nice shoutout also.
    Love Ash,.