Wednesday, February 20

Duct tape bookmarks by kids

This weekend that went by, two young angels came home and made the time superbly memorable.

I craft like crazy. But it was such a thrill to see their eyes light up the moment I showed my trash-filled craft space to them! And that eagerness with which they went about using tools too! They showed me just how limited creative thinking by adults can be, through the cute pieces they made.

I had some duct tape, and gave them my sheets of stickers too.

The challenge, was to make bookmarks out of them.

I showed them my method, of using household cardboard and sand-papering its glossy side.

To make things easier, I also helped them fix the duct tape on the cardboard pieces that in their different sizes, became `bookmarkable'.

Big hugs to you Sowmya and Saahitya! Here is how their pieces turned out:

duck tape bookmarks

Duct tape bookmarks! Are they not grab worthy? I love the variety of duct tape, called `cello-tape' in India and corrupted to become `duck tape' out here in US, available in craft stores.

I had only two types of the tape, but that did not deter them from using it creatively.

Left to me, I would have thought a lot about how many stickers to use on each of these, for the right look, and battled over the look in my head. But give them the material and they attack it like pros, not worrying a bit about how the piece may turn out.

Sowmya, the elder among the two, loves owls, just like me. Am so glad to know another owl loving pal!

Notice the owl love stickers pervading these pieces!

bookmarks with duct tape and 3-D stickers
Owl stickers duct tape bookmarks

I gave them another challenge.

It was, to use only the butterfly paper punch that I had, for making a colourful bookmark. Sowmya got to it with gusto, punching, gluing and designing.

And here is her bookmark:

paper craft punched butterflies bookmarks

The patterned paper base you see beneath this butterflies profusion, is actually a piece cut out from postal envelopes that arrived in my mail box.

This is how it looks after a coat of Mod Podge, to give it a glossy finish and to prevent it from household water spilling damage.

If you want to try your bit with duct tape, do so, and experiment gleefully.

Pictures by: me

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  1. Colourful and creative!!!!!!