Wednesday, June 6

Recycle bookmarks with trash-worthy cardstock

It's amazing how much can be done with packaging cardboard trash! Ramya M B from Bangalore who is my sister, found some patterned purple chocolate boxes recently (actually Cadbury's). With some glue and a pair of cross-cutting scissors, she got to work. Not to forget the metallic paints and ribbon that came in handy.

Here are pictures of bookmarks she came up with:

Cardboard carton bookmarks

Look at the purple swishy patterns on the bookmarks first from left to right. Aren't they gorgeous?

The second set of bookmarks - do note the metallic paint designs that were a result of glitter pens used minimally. The dark royal purple bookmark is from a chocolate box that should have found its way to the trash can.
Satin ribbon, glitter pen, old cardboard
In effect, all you need is:

Ribbons in two or three colours

Glitter pens in about three colours

Glue to stick the ribbons on to the cardboard

Some marker pens or sketch pens as we call in India

A pair of scissors

If you notice the cute thread-patch circle on the first bookmark, it is made from left-over thread on a junk jewellery set. Earrings that had dangling threads actually.

Satin ribbon bookmarks