Monday, June 4

Crochet plastic bag gift tote

For three weeks, I did not post anything in here. Because I was busy learning how to crochet. Not wool. But recycled plastic bags. Since no one around would actually sit down to teach this sort of stuff, I relied on internet videos.

Crochet plastic bags involves three steps...cutting the plastic bag just right to make yarn, crocheting the bag right, and fine-tuning the piece.

Here is a video that teaches you to make yarn through the easy knot method.

I found interesting videos about women in Gambia who cut the plastic bags to make a single long spool of yarn. Inspirational and showing hard work by the women too. Here is one such video.

The result was - baby steps towards making something useful in crochet. I have a long way to go. But am happy I started.

This piece, I began by making larger crochet knots to make working on the second lines and third lines easier. But I don't know how my fingers and hook lean towards smaller knots as I progress. Since it was my first piece, I decided to stop when I thought a small pouch was done.

To make the bag handles, I crocheted two lines and hooked them up to the other end of the last line. After this, I rolled a lovely red-rose ribbon over the handles to give that rope-feel. A red rose embellishment I had in stock, came in handy. But I had to stitch it up well so it did not hang from the tiny tote.
Tiny gift tote + plastic bag crochet

You can fit in a gift ring, tiny show pieces, charms or key chains and gift your friends this piece.

Recycle gift tote

Good luck with your own crochet effort if and when you begin!