Tuesday, March 14

Pompom garland or wreath DIY

As kids, we loved carrying a steel basket around the house of my grandmother to pluck flowers for her morning worship every day. It was an activity we competed with each other to complete. Cut to today, and my heart breaks to a million pieces when I see plastic flowers adorning pictures of Gods. Interesting, but wool can come to your rescue if you want to decorate pictures and tables with garlands. Make pom poms and string them together. 

Making a pom pom with wool is very simple. I did not use a drop of glue for this project. All it required was a pair of scissors, some old barrette clip and a strip of cardboard to roll the wool over for pom pom making!

So you will need

-- wool - I used accented shades from the same yarn, and some dark red

-- a pair of scissors

-- a tapestry needle ( embroidery skein to match is optional)

Start by rolling the yarn over your index finger and middle finger. Make it a bundle. Or, roll it over a small barrette clip, or a tape ring.

Ease out the bundle, cut a strand and tie the bundle up in the middle. Use the scissors and cut off the bends where you rolled the yarn over.

Use your palms to fluff it up. And it turns to a soft wool ball...make a whole bunch of such pom poms. You may leave some thread hanging. My wool skein came in different shades of red. I put it to use alongside another colour.

Cut another piece of wool, string into the tapestry needle and insert through the centre of each ball. Play with colours and combinations.
Add a bead with wide hole on each end by either tying up or using the tapestry needle.

If you want a wreath, you can simply join its two beaded ends and stick it up the wall or door. You may use this as party decor, to decorate your altar, or let it hang on an indoor plant.

It makes for inexpensive festival decor.

Pictures and content courtesy: Radhika M B

Write for permission to radiscribe@gmail.com 

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