Tuesday, February 14

A ribbon hanger for your make up pencils

The biggest of challenges in organizing my cosmetics is where to tuck my eye pencils and lip pencils. It is similar to what I face with toothbrushes and tongue-cleaners. Sadly products related to organizing are too focused on plastic boxes and cylindrical containers. I recently found how a foot long ribbon and sometimes a small bangle or bracelet can do a lot to help with organizing the pencil-stick kind of paraphernalia. 

Grab your needle and thread, a pair of scissors, and some ribbon. I chose decorative sequins ribbon that we utilize to embellish sarees with patchwork designs. This is rich in texture, and can blend into your wardrobe easily. Or simply stick it up on your office cubicle wall for that all important pen, eraser-marker, or a hair clip that you cannot allow to be thrown around.

You will also need a wooden ring or a bangle. This ribbon or cloth tape or saree border, is over an inch wide. And I used up over a feet of it in length for the project. If you want to stick this up on a cardboard after finishing, grab a glue gun. Or go after a double sided tape. I also kept some quilting headpins handy to keep the ribbon intact with folds while I stitched up.

Start by inserting the ribbon into the ring and bringing it over. Spare an inch of the inserted or protruding bit and pin it up against the longer part of the ribbon. Now grab a spool of matching thread, a large sized needle, and hem the piece up. I used four strands of thread to give it the necessary strength.

Once the hemming is done, leave a five inches' gap from the point of hemming downwards on the ribbon. Gently use your fingers to create a fold, such that you can insert your index finger into the fold's hole. Pin it up and stitch. If you want to insert and store wider objects such as combs, fold accordingly.

Create three such folds or more and stitch up. Once this bit is done, you may trim the length of the ribbon holder, by cutting it. Fold the end inwards and hem-sew.

You have the option, of sticking the finished piece on a cardboard or hard surface and hanging it. Or simply find a hook on the wall and hang it up.

I tucked in my toothbrush and tongue cleaner, and a make up brush.  This hanger is useful for storing your child's head or hairbands, colour pencils, marker pens and the likes.

So if you have a spare fabric lying around, waste not your time. Try this for yourself, or to give as a party favour.

Pictures Courtesy: Radhika M B

Content: Radhika M B

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