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Super simple polymer clay earring studs DIY

One of the reasons that crafting enthusiasts do not venture into making baked jewelry/jewellery, is the fear of lacking skills. It is a valid fear. But all it takes is that one small project, that helps overcome it. Today's polymer clay jewelry making experts are yesterday's novices.

Smudgy Trove's dashing entrepreneur Sankgetha Sripathy is someone who can dole out exquisite jewelry designs, exquisite and simple, ethnic and chic, with ease. Her Imprints Handmade early tutorial on polymer clay jhumkas continues to draw visits in thousands. If you can lay hands on an OTG oven, or borrow its use from a friend, you can start a project.

For those taking baby steps in clay jewelry, she has quickly put together easy peasy instructions to make a pair of polymer clay stud earrings.

Here are the materials you need:

- jewelry/jewellery pliers

- one mound of polymer clay the size of a plum, a dark colour

- one ball of polymer clay, in light colour, about half the size of the other ball

- clay blade

- tapestry needle, or toothpick, or large needle

- stud-backs and stud screws

- sequins

- anything that can cut a disc, like polymer clay cutters with disc cutters

Start by making two balls of equal size from the dark sized polymer ball between your palms.

The smaller ball needs to be broken and kneaded into several tiny balls using your fingers.

Make discs out of the dark balls and use the tiny balls to make drop or oval shapes of similar size. Fix the drops on the discs to form a design, to resemble a flower.

 Add a sequin to form the flower center.
Use the tapestry needle. Run it gently between these drop shaped fixes to make them look like petals.
Bake these diskettes as per instructions on the clay packet. Sankgetha used Premo clay, a popular choice for beginners.

Use industrial grade glue to fix the stud-backs to the rears of these designed diskettes.
Let the pieces dry. And then use the stud screws on them.

Your super simple pair of earrings with polymer clay are ready.

Wear them to work or keep aside for an occasion.

Pics courtesy: Sankgetha Sripathy

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